MD2 Medication Management Features

339_pmdinstallFlexible dispensing for complex regimens

  • Dispenses up to 60 cups
  • Accommodates 1 to 40 days of medicine
  • Holds up to 6 doses per day
  • Reminder alerts for non-pill medications or instructions on taking medications
  • Optional early-dose feature
  • Accommodates a variable schedule for clients in day programs or who work
  • May be used with a phone line for on-line caregiver compliance and monitoring

Easy for Patients to Use

  • The machine speaks to the client saying “time for your medication, push button to dispense”. The client is attracted to the machine by the message and a blinking red light. After the button is pushed the medication is dispensed in a 1 ounce cup with a lid on it
  • May be used to simply remind the client “time for your insulin” or “please check your blood pressure” or “remember your meal” and 20 more messages with or without the dispensing of medication

Safety Features

  • Program for PRN (on demand) medications (the only system that offers this feature)
  • Locked cabinet that controls access
  • Stores missed doses in a locked area
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lockable with a battery back-up in the even of a power failure

Exceptional Service and Support

Caregiver alerts for:

  • Number of missed doses
  • Reminder when medication doses need refilling
  • Dispenser Errors
  • Loss of electricity
  • Monitoring Report available online, 24 hours per day

MD2 Automated Medication Dispenser

311_sub_20pressing_20buttonThe MD2 medication dispenser is an automated medication dispenser that dispenses medication in a cup and has a built in telephone monitoring system. The unit dispenses up to 60 doses per load (6X per day for 10 days OR 1X per day for 60 days, ect) with variable capacity and requires periodic refills based upon the clients medication schedule.

The MD2 Medication Management System automatically dispenses the proper medication at the right time. All other medication is locked in a tamper proof medication dispenser cup and lid for future use. At Preset times medication is automatically dispensed in its own lid and cup into an easily accessed drawer.

The machine is capable of serving as a reminder device without dispensing medication or both dispensing medication and a reminder device at the same time.  The system allows for 24 hour monitoring, relying upon a family member or caregiver network of designated responders and/or allows for a support center attendant response to ensure patient compliance. When the device is monitored detailed reports regarding patient medication administration is available. The MD2 may also be used as a PERS device, allowing verbal communication between the client and the response center activated through a pendant or wrist band.

When the medication dispenser cup is locked in the device, the keypad is also electronically disabled.  The device cannot be reprogrammed or instructions changed without a key.  All other medicine is locked out and only available at the correct time or when accessed with a key.

The MD2 Medication Reminder

When medicine is dispensed, a voice comes on advising the customer to take their medication, a red flashing light also displays for the hearing impaired.  You can also program in other messages to be played at the same time as the medication is dispensed, or at different times during the day.
Medication Message List

  • 0 No Message
  • 1 Time for your Insulin
  • 2 Take Medications with food
  • 3 May cause drowsiness
  • 4 No food with medication for two hours
  • 5 Take extra fluids with medications
  • 6 Change catapress patch
  • 7 Change estrogen patch
  • 8 Change duragesic patch
  • 9 Put on Nitro patch or Change nitro patch
  • 10 Remove Nitro patch or Change nitro patch
  • 11 Use nasal spray
  • 12 Use mouth inhaler
  • 13 Take on an empty stomach
  • 14 No alcohol with medications
  • 15 Don’t drive with this medication
  • 16 Take medications with juice
  • 17 Take medications with milk
  • 18 Time for your eye drops
  • 19 Check blood sugar level
  • 20 Check blood pressure
  • 21 Use your Nebulizer
  • 22 Remember your meal
  • 23 Take your liquid medication
    Machine Troubleshooting or Frequently Asked Questions

The MD2 device is a extremely reliable device often allowing a client to remain in the home in a cost effective way. Being a machine, however, the possibility f a malfunction, being the patient, loader, or machine error does exist. Our website has been developed to assist the caregiver in troubleshooting and remedying simple problems that may occur.

For more complex problems call us 24 hours a day
at 952-546-5334 or toll free 1-800-736-8367

Troubleshooting the MD2 Machine

Frequently Asked Questions about the MD2 Machine