MD2 Medication Management Trouble Shooting

Machine Error

This indicates that the machine has stopped running and has encountered a problem.


The causes for this message:

  • A Jammed Medication Cup – Dented/Deformed/Crushed Cup Was Loaded
  • A Jammed Medication Cup – Cup Lid Fell Off
  • A Jammed Medication Cup – Cup Loaded Incorrectly – Lid facing up
  • A Jammed Medication Cup – Cup or Lid Doubled Up or “Nested”

Fixing this problem

  • Turn off the MD-2 by moving the small black switch in the rear of the unit to the “OFF” position.
  • The LCD screen goes blank.
  • Examine the cup delivery ramp.
  • Gently try to rotate the cup transport mechanism and view the jammed cup.
  • If a jammed cup is visible carefully remove it using a flat blade screw driver or a butter knife.
  • Do not reuse a crushed cup.
  • After removing the damaged cup manually rotate the cylinder mechanism.
  • Remove all medication cups in the device. If this is not possible, reexamine the medication transport chute/mechanism, gently shake the device to check for loose pills and remove them.
  • When the cylinders turn freely and the medication cups have been removed turn “ON” the device
  • Reprogram then reload the MD-2.

Machine Stopped

This message appears when the dispenser’s missed dose storage bin is full. (client has missed 4 doses).

  • All MD-2 dispenser operations will stop until the storage bin is emptied.
  • To empty the bin refer to the Status Button instructions above.
  • If the missed dose bin sat full overnight or longer the dispenser will have to be reloaded.
  • Manually remove any medication cups in the machine and perform the Load function

Low Battery and Battery Power Status

In the event of a power failure, the “Status OK” message becomes “Batt Pwr” indicating that the device has power and is functioning. How long the device will operate in a power failure varies upon the condition of the batteries and the amount of work the machine does but is typically 24 hours.

  • Batteries become depleted the “Status OK” message becomes “Low Batt” indicating that the device has only AC power and no back up DC power supply.
  • The batteries should then be replaced with 8 “C” cell alkaline batteries.
  • The battery cassette is located to the right of the keypad.

Replacing Batteries

  • Remove the battery wire/plug from the cassette.
  • Depress the white tab at the bottom front of the cassette and remove.
  • Make sure the replacement batteries have the correct orientation in the cassette
  • Replace cassette in the device.
  • Reconnect the battery wire/plug to the cassette.
  • The LCD Message should return to “System OK” within a couple of minutes.

Daylight Savings Time Change

  • Unlock MD-2
  • Press SET UP key
  • Push right arrow key once so that the word TIME is flashing
  • Push the OK key
  • Push the right arrow key twice so that the hour position is flashing
  • To “spring ahead” push the up arrow key once.
  • Note that the hour has advanced.
  • Press the OK key to accept the change and close this screen
  • Use the right arrow key to cause the word QUIT to flash