Tilt in Space Bath Shower Chair Bergeron Health Care®

Item: CM8500


Brand: Bergeron Health Care®


Manufacturer: Columbia Medical


Product Details

For anyone that needs full trunk and head support, can recline in this bath chair.
Designed to securely and comfortably support a person with a physical or behavioral disability during bathing.
Assistant has complete freedom to move and scrub with both hands.
Bath chairs need no maintenance.
Frame is rustproof with stainless steel fittings.
All sizes have tough rip proof mesh fabric.
Non slip rubber feet
Two belts are supplied for secure positioning at the hips and/or chest.
Fit children through adults
Fit in any standard bathing tub.
Tilting featured from 30-70 degrees.
Certified both bacteria and fungus resistant.
Useful when positioned in a family room for games or while watching TV, or at the beach.