Orthotics & Contracture Services

Anodyne’s experienced, board-certified Orthotists can fit you or a loved one with the correct orthotic bracing that can help delay or prevent more invasive procedures like surgical correction or joint replacement. The certified Orthotists at Anodyne are recognized professionally as having completed a rigorous education, training program and national board exams. 

3 steps to put you on the right track to full mobility, comfort, and ease of pain.

  1. Schedule an appointment with an Anodyne Orthotist.
  2. Anodyne will order a custom fit, high quality brace.
  3. Your Orthotist will schedule a time convenient for you to deliver your custom brace and ensure superior fit and function.

Any questions or concerns you may have will be addressed by our certified orthotic fitters or our 24/7 customer service line.

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Contracture Braces

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