Easy-to-Use™ Economy CordLess® Fall Prevention Alert With Chair Pad System

The portable Economy CordLess monitor is programmed to the CordLess Chair Pad to receive and send a wireless signal to alert the caregiver of the resident’s movement. The monitor can be placed up to 300 feet away from the resident and the CordLess Chair Pad is placed under the resident in a chair to capture residents movement. When weight is removed from the weight-sensing pad it triggers and sends a signal to the monitor setting off an alarm to alert the caregiver. The CordLess monitor and pad allow you to remove alarm noise from the room and create a quiet and secure environment for each resident. Monitor alerts with audible chime and bright blinking red light and comes with low-medium-high volume control. It is ideal for home or facility use.

Battery Operated 3-C Not Included Optional AC Power Adapter AC-04.

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