Hydrofiber Dressing Aquacel® Hydrofiber® NaCMC


4X4 Inch:RL79222100
6X6 Inch:RL79232100
Brand: Aquacel® Hydrofiber®


Manufacturer: Convatec


Product Details

Color: White
Material: NaCMC
Shape: Square
Size: 4 X 4 inch or 6X6 inch
Sterility: Sterile
Type: Hydrofiber Dressing
Standard Features

AQUACEL® Hydrofiber® Dressing is a sterile, white, fibrous dressing derived from 100 percent pure sodium carboxymethylcellulose (NaCMC)
AQUACEL® dressing combines the look, feel, and handling properties of gauze and leading alginates, but retains more fluid than alginates and almost three times more fluid than gauze when used under compression
AQUACEL® dressing is indicated for the management of pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, abrasions, lacerations, incisions, donor sites and second degree burns and on infected wounds
For use in managing surgical or traumatic wounds that have been left to heal by secondary intention
It can be used on wounds prone to bleeding and to facilitate the control of minor bleeding