MD2 Medication Machines

The MD2 Medication Dispensing Service helps your patients manage their medications at home. The automated system dispenses medications at pre-programmed times, helping to reduce the potential risk of unplanned hospital and doctor visits related to incorrect medication use. The MD2 Medication Service provides a high quality, user friendly, and proven system that can help simplify complex medication schedules.

Your patients rely on their medications to keep them healthy, but complex medication schedules can lead to mistakes. For seniors, approximately 1 out of 10 hospital admissions are the result of incorrect medication use. The MD2 Medication Management Program has been used successfully over the past 12 years helping patients stay compliant with their medication and allowing them to remain independent in their homes. Use of the device reduces the risk of unplanned hospital or doctor visits to correct medication use. Here at Anodyne Inc we have a track record we are proud of, serving thousands of patient since 1997 on the MD2 Medication Management Program. When medication is taken properly, greater physically well-being results. There is the added benefit of greater self-esteem and independence for the user and less cost and concern for the caregiver and payer.

The MD2 Medication machine is the premier medication reminder, medication dispenser management system available for individual use. It is designed primarily for solid medicine (pills, tablets, etc.), but can be used as a reminder for non-pill form medication. Many elderly and some with developmental disabilities use the MD2 Medication Machine. It is ideal for those individuals who, if medication is not taken properly, must have additional help with their medication – from family members or professionals either at home or in an institution.

Medication Non-Adherence

A costly healthcare problem for the United States healthcare system:

  • Annual costs of over $100 Billion
  • 1 in 10 hospital admissions of seniors due to misuse of medications.
  • 40% of nursing home admissions associated with non-adherence

Seniors are at greater risk:

  • Take multiple medications
  • Very complex regimens
  • Often have cognitive impairment

Who needs the MD2 Medication Dispensing Service?

This medication system is ideally suited for clients with complex medication regimes, up to 6 doses per day and those who require and additional support network for safety and compliance.

  • People with one or more chronic conditions
  • Parkinson?s Disease
  • Immune Deficiency
  • Early stage Alzheimer’s
  • Chronic Pain
  • Drug Dependency
  • Mental Illness
  • Takes multiple medications and/or have complex medication regimens
  • Older adults
  • Requires assistance with meds today
  • Want to take medications properly
  • May have been hospitalized already for misuse of medications
  • Are at risk for complications, hospitalizations, admission to facility for round-the-clock care
  • May have cognitive impairment
  • Have limited mobility and are at risk for falls

MD2 Service Costs

MD2 Automated Medication Dispenser: $125.00 per month

  • Monthly phone compliance monitoring and automated caretaker notification: Free
  • 24 hour on call service Free

Replacement or Lost Parts

  • Medication Cups and Lids (100) for MD2: $20.00 each
  • Replacement Medication Map for MD2 Purchase: Free

Insurance Coverage

The Medication Management Program qualifies for reimbursement under all waivered services programs in the state of Minnesota.  Other insurance carriers including Medicare, Ucare, and commercial insurance will need either a referral, a prior authorization, Detailed Doctors Prescription, or a Doctors Orders in order to be approved for the machine.   Please contact your insurance company directly for benefit coverage and to assist you in the beginning processes.

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