Urinary Leg Bag Medi-Pak™ 500 mL With Strap

Item: RL28411900


Brand: Medi-Pak™


Manufacturer: McKesson


Product Details

Drain Tube Type: Twist Valve
Fastener Type: Vinyl Straps
Sample Port Type: Without Sample Port
Sterility: Areas under protective caps and fluid pathways sterile
Valve Type: Anti-Reflux/Flutter Valve
Volume: 500 mL
Latex Free

Medi-Pak™ Performance Urinary Leg Bag
Contents: 500 mL Urinary Leg Bag with Straps
Durable construction for extended wear, odor containment, and leak resistance.
Anti-reflux/flutter valve.
Two adjustable leg straps.
Easy-to-use drain valve for drip-free closure after draining.
Universal-tiered connector fits indwelling or external catheters and tubing.
Individually packaged.
Areas under protective caps and fluid pathways are sterile.
Single Use
Packaged: 1 Per Bag, 48 Bags Per Case