Wireless Caregiver Pager With Reset Button with LCD Display


Display pager with built-in reset button, for use with alarm monitors Wireless Central Monitoring Alarm 433-CMU, 433-CMU-40, 433-CMU-60, or Large Facility Central Monitor TL-2015R2, (all sold separately).

Signal is sent from a compatible device, (call buttons, sensor pads, floor mats, bed and chair alarms, etc), to the central monitoring unit, which in turn sends the signal on to the pager.

Reset button allows you to reset the central monitoroing unit directly from the pager, a new feature!

Product can signal Central Monitoring Unit from up to 150 feet and then the signal can be sent up to approximately 150 feet from the Central Monitoring Alarm  to pagers.

Pager ships with a protective case.

Requires 2 AA batteries, (not included).

6 month manufacturer warranty.

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